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2011-07, Canada

My better half always wanted to visit western Canada. As part of the deal I negotiated some paddling. We started out in the Rockies. Spot the canoes dwarfed by the grandeur of Lake Louise - a jaw dropping view (lake elevation ~1500m).

We hired a canoe, and what a location, on Moraine Lake, commonly portrayed in the brochures and not far from Lake Louise.

The glacial meltwater is an amazing colour.

Another day we hired a canoe on the Bow river in Banff (Mt Rundle in the background).

and into Vermilion lakes...

Other water users were at play.

Moving on to Vancouver we had a day trip up to Whistler - awesome views.

A great kayak hire venue at Deep Cove (on Indian Arm, Vancouver north shore).

Where I tried a surf ski - good conditions for a newbie (managed to stay right way up!).

Then it was on to Vancouver island. We'd had great weather until the last 10 miles before the pacific coast when it became totally overcast and sultry. The locals call month 8 'Fogust'. The shoreline was very rugged.

In contrast there was lots of colour in the rockpools.

The record for driftwood must go to Long beach at Wickanninish. Spot the person for scale.

Interesting local signs.

Cute; at times they were even holding paws. (but this was in the VC aquarium and is misleading as mating can be lethal)

Not a lot of paddling but a fantastic trip nevertheless !

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