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Old Harry and Studland evening

Approaching Old Harry Rocks.

We returned through this gap, one of a few that can be paddled at various states of the tide.

Playing roulette with the chain ferry on the return.

Lulworth to Kimmeridge

Setting off from the cove.

Approaching Arish Mell. Oh dear - forget to check if the Lulworth Gunnery ranges were active, the coastguard verified no live firing on the day.

The obligitary passage through Monika's cave.

Landing in Worbarrow bay for lunch.

Interesting cliffs on the way to Kimmeridge.

On the return, the gentle Easterly wind dropped.

We lingered a while in the balmy conditions, savouring the silience and the views.

Tiderace Xceed demo at Christchurch and Hengistbury head

The Tiderace Xceed - a superb sea kayak

On the return, the fun crowd were out.

Lulworth to White Nothe

It was a busy Sunday at Lulworth Cove.

Visitors were everywhere including within the Stairhole arches.

Man O' War bay.

Through Durdle Door.

Many people on the beach but not many in the water.

Through Bat Hole.

Rockfalls from the cliffs.

We had some good rock hopping.

The water was crystal clear and the weed was mesmerising.

Back through the door.

A lovely few days paddling on the Jurassic Coast.

Home > Sea Kayaking > Expeditions & classic trips

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