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Six of us set off from Milsey bay at North Berwick on a pleasant evening towards Bass Rock. As we left the shelter of the bay and headed out towards the rock the sea state became lumpy as the wind from the east met the outgoing tide. We approached the rock and welcomed the shelter it would offer.

We then relaxed in the calm waters enjoying the Gannets doing their thing at sunset.

After what seemed like an age it was time to move on, going clockwise around the rock the waters weren't as rough as we feared. Then it was goodbye to the rock as we headed for Seacliff. That's Tantallon castle in the background.

The sea state was easing now and the light was fading. Light sticks were activated and a pleasant break was enjoyed on Seacliff beach watching the moon rise. After twenty minutes or so we set off to follow the coast back to Milsey bay. It was a magic paddle back in the moonlight.

Home > Sea Kayaking > Expeditions & classic trips

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